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Ultraviolet Stormlight


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I was thinking about the small rock that Gavilar gave to Szeth when he was assassinated in the prologue of WoK. The text said that the stone glowed with a light that was black. I immediately thought of ultraviolet Stormlight, and realized than so far Brandon has not revealed whether or not Stormlight exists on the far edges of the visible spectrum.


If this rock does contain infused ultraviolet Stormlight, several questions can be asked:

- What sort of magics can be performed with ultraviolet Stormlight? Could Kaladin use it to Surgebind?

- Why hasn't the rock become dun? Does ultraviolet Stormlight last longer because it isn't fully visible?

- Will we see more ultraviolet Stormlight or is this the only time it will be shown to us?


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Agreed Phantom.  Kaladin finds an Emerald broam and it glows green with storm light. Frankly I forget about the gem frequently as it has . Only 2 mentions in the book. Whatever is causing the glow is due to the gem, and we have no reason to believe at this point that it ​doesn't go dun.Remember gems can be recharged.

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Also, remember that UV is not black in appearance but rather is not visible to the human eye.  Black lights are called black lights because of the dark purple filtering and the low visible light illumination they provide (which is not UV).

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So either, the light it emits is not stromlight...


Or the rock has properties which make the stormlight in it glow 'black'



Wild Speculation:

It is an infused gem that has been corrupted in some way (similar to the corrupted spren in the Dalinar WoR reading)




An infused gemstone containing a corrupted Spren


I think there can be no doubt that the rock is significant to the events of the book.

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My theory building on your is pretty much all-spoiler but feel free to take a look:


Ok, so from Navani's notebook we know that gems can trap spren.

From the Dalinar's vision reading we heard from WoR we know that at some time a spren was behaving oddly and thunderclasts were formed due to this.

Also, we know the Parshendi killed Gavilar because of ' what he told us he was going to do' and to 'stop their Gods returning'

maybe Gavilar was going to release a dangerous spren from the stone that would do something to the chasmfiends to make them more dangerous or this dangerous spren would bond with the Parshendi to create new and terrible forms.

We dont actually know for certain that Szeth's hiding of the sphere at the end of WoK is successful, that it hasnt been destroyed, somehow heralding the desolation?

Maybe the sphere needs to be in the hands of a radiant, that a radiant has to bond the spren which is why he wants his brother to find the words

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Bottom line is, we just know so little about the sphere that it's hard to support theories. Some good ones I've heard

  • It's a stormgem from Shadesmar
  • It's a Dawnshard with a trapped voidish creature inside
  • It's a piece of Odium's Body in solid form
  • And a new one thanks to this thread: it's a normal stormgem with an ultraviolet spectrum


Personally I think it has links to shadesmar. We have seen black light created by the sun in Shadesmar. What would be the shadesmar correlate of a Highstorm? Would it create "stormlight" from odium? Maby the sphere is related to the magic system associated with the Shadesmar map.  Just too many questions and not enough evidence. My guess is WoR won't answer those questions either and we'll have to wait till book 5. 

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Let me correct a few misconceptions here.

1. Szeth hid the Stone.

2. The Stone is described as having a penumbra, not a black glow. They are different. A black glow would imply that there was more of a light coming from the Stone, whereas a penumbra is more like it's leaking a shadow around its edges.

I feel like this is potentially either a way to access a power we haven't scene yet, or something which is either complimentary or oppositional to Stormlight.

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