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photoshop tennis or something


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So i was wondering, would anyone be up for having a photoshop tennis game, or maybe a forum adaptation of something awful's photoshop phriday?

If you don't know what they are, here's an explanation:

Photoshop tennis -

two people play a "match" for a predetermined number of "rounds" photoshopping a selected image back and forth, and once that's done, the judges determine who had the best "serves", and awards the win to whoever they think did the better job, in terms of what they did to the image. We could arrange it like tournament style and have 1-on-1 matches until we get a final winner




photoshop phriday adaptation -

Basically, a theme or image would be chosen or something along those lines, and everyone who wants to compete would have X number of days to create and post an image that fits the criteria. Afterwards, we can have a communial vote to see who we think had the best/funniest/whatever image.

These are just a couple of ideas that i thought would be kinda fun for forum games. For a prize to whoever wins, we can just have everyone who participated up-vote the winning image and give that person a ton of rep.

Would anyone be interested?

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