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Silencing' s Rithmantic Effect


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I had a thought about lines of silencing, they have no apparent rithmantic affect, then I realized the similarities between sounds and lines of vigor and revocation. so i have a theory that lines of vigor/revocation may be blocked/absorbed by lines of silencing. I rechecked through the book and found no references to a situation where they interact.



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A very interesting idea, and somewhat plausible. Sadly, it may be one of those questions which can only be answered by WoB or a new book, as I don't see much ability to discuss it on bare principles in a magic system whose foundations we know so little about.

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A line which dampens all waves in the area?  I like it.

If this is the case, I wonder whether it has to be tuned between sound and lines of vigor.  If it can, then can it be tuned to dampen light?

I would assume that the line of silencing is a physically effecting line so there is probably one that just affects chalk.

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