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Hunting for Brandalized Books!

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As we all know, when Brandon travels he likes to "Brandalize" books at local bookstores, especially in airports. I've always hoped to stumble across one of these books, but I have no idea what bookstores he's done this wonderfully wicked deed at. I want to change that for everybody. 


As a result, I thought we should have a thread on where you can find Brandalized books and when they were Brandalized. Thus, if you see your local airport last had a Brandon signing in 2010, for example, there probably (hopefully!) aren't any left on the shelves and you probably don't need to check. However, if you know that just last week he stopped by and signed books, there could be a chance that you could get your very own Brandon-signed-book-at-no-additional-cost-or-effort-by-you.


If you see/hear/read of any Brandalized books, let me know here in this thread and I'll update this master OP. Usually Brandon lets us know via Twitter when he's Brandalized. However, if you stumble across any in the wild let me know here as well. If you go to a location on the list, update us to tell us if any signed books remain and I'll add it as a new line item if they do. 


Happy Brandalized book hunting everyone!


Date                                 City/Location                                  Book Store

August 23rd, 2015           Spokane Airport, WA                        Auntie's Bookstore, past security

August 23rd, 2015           Spokane, WA                                    Auntie's Bookstore, Downtown

August 19th, 2015           Salt Lake City Airport, Utah               Simply Books, Gate C7? BONUS: Magnets included!

July 29th, 2015                 Salt Lake City, Utah                          Gateway Barnes and Noble

July 12th, 2015                 San Diego, CA Airport                      Warwick’s

July 9th, 2015                   Salt Lake City, Utah Airport              Simply Books, Gate C7

July 8th, 2015                   Orem, Utah                                       Barnes and Noble

June 30th, 2015                San Diego, CA Airport                      Warwick’s

May 21st, 2015                 Salt Lake City, Utah Airport              Simply Books, Gate C7

April 20th, 2015                 Seattle-Tacoma Airport, WA            Hudson News, S Gates

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