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Hi, thought I'd finally join...

Menden Atal

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I've been lurking on the boards for a while.  Ever since Way of Kings came out, really.  I finished that book and  wanted to get a taste of like minds and what theories were bouncing around.


As you might have guessed by the simple fact that I've joined, I am a huge Sanderson fan.  Totally impressed by that man's talent.  Continuously.   :lol:


Anyways, just thought I'd say hi. Don't know how much I'll get into the actual discussions or anything else.  Just wanted to finally join up and see how things were from this side of the screen, so to speak.  :blink:

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I don't know why you'd be scared, though, since it's not like the Admins are using Hemalurgy to bend forumites to their wills... :rolleyes:

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