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Who else wanted to know about the Bel Tine Festival?


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As epic as the Wheel of Time series was there were some elements that left me wanting more (Not that I've read the entire series, I made it to The Fires of Heaven thus far  :ph34r:). 

But seriously, I recall reading through The Eye of the World and really badly wanting to experience the Bel Tine Festival with all our favourite Emond's Field characters after we got the few chapters describing past festivals from Rand and co. 


So I just wanted to know what other events or situations you guys wanted to read about in the Wheel of Time(or any other book for that matter) that you never really got to read about. Elend, Vin and Spook's little trip to Terris was another thing I was looking forward to that just didn't happen but yeah, you can't have everything I suppose.  


I don't mind spoilers, so feel free to post whatever you like... Heck you could just not post at all if you want to.  :P

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First and foremost without a doubt in my mind, I would like to have been introduced to Polgara's twins.  She spends 12 books taking care of other people's boys, and we don't even find out what her own babies were.


I wish Jordan or Sanderson could have woven Elayne's highwire experience into the last battle.


Vin and Elend at their place of peace would be nice.


From another Eddings series, I would have loved to see how Flute does as a teen and then a woman.  She has spent tens of thousands of years as a girl, and even she said it would be a new experience for her.


Richard and Kahlan actually having a child.  That series is still ongoing, but the quality of writing has deteriorated dramatically

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I want to see Maipon and get to know more about their culture which I think would be interesting due their supposedly more well developed realmatic awareness. I also wanted to see more of Nalthis but that will almost certainly be remedied someday with Nightblood. Something in WoT I wanted to see was more of the novice training that Egwene and Elayne went through it's sort of skipped and yes we all know the workings of it and it wouldn't be that interesting, but I just felt cheated that with Jordan's slow and steady pacing that he could just suddenly skip six months or so. Wanted more Rodele too. 

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