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I just wanted to say hi because i realized that I haven't introduced myself but have been replying to a few posts every now and then.


I first found out about Brandon when he was announced to be finishing WoT. Tor was doing a giveaway of a e-book of Mistborn and there it was, I was hooked spiked. Since then Brandon has been by favorite author and I am seriously going insane waiting for WoR.

I found this around Christmas forum when i was reading everything i could get my hands on on The Coppermind Wiki and have been reading far to many threads to succeed with my studies (I should be studying right now...).


Fast facts:

Name: Albin

Age: 24 (How did that happen?)

Country: Sweden

Occupation: Studying Computers at the University.

Favorite book: TWoK


Random facts:

Horrible at spelling.

Bad at finding quotes, but good at remembering that "I have read this quote somewhere!"


I am overjoyed at finding this forum, and will be spending a lot of time here reading (and posting).


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