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Shattering of Adonalsium is Supernova


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My first theory, sorry for my bad English.I wanted to share after a thought explosion.


I recently saw what Peter told after a question about nature of cosmere universe.



"The involved planets are actually in a rather small star cluster, much smaller than a dwarf galaxy. This star cluster is within a galaxy."



This clicked something in me.

Star clusters are made up of same materials scattered around by some supernova. Their stars and planets have a common origin dating back to initial supernovas. If its a small cluster we can assume the cluster is created by a single supernova explosion together with interstellar dust. So everything in this cluster will have a piece of that kickstarter supernova star. Familiar?


What we know of adonalsium. It is invested evertything in the cosmere planets. Whether a planet has shard or not does not matter. Nature of investiture changes by the planet, this is expected in supernova explosion creation theory. Supernova explosion waves hit interstellar matter(also created buy older explosions) and with that collisions new stars are born. Every single star will be a little different but they will have some very common ingredients coming from supernova. Very similar to nature of adonalsium.


What if people of yolen found a way to harness power of supernova. May be they created an access key to star power. They possibly needed this power to stop that being what is against adonalsium. When supernova exploded, they gathered the power in pockets that formed shards. Why does shards have intents then. 


Supernova is the power of creation, only star explosions produce the higher atomic number elements which are critical for life. But it does not have a mind. This is where harnessing technique comes in. People of yolen possibly used an AI or human mind to control this power. When explosion happened, this mind-power is fragmented as shards. People in the project took power of shard but some of them left without any. They may have been left for to oversee the usage of this power. 


After shattering-supernova, shards started working. Rather than waiting for milions of years, shards created new stars and planets with material of initial supernova in a short time. Since each star and planet is slightly different than eachother(supernova+interstellar matter), the nature of interference for shards and planets will be slightly different in each planet. Therefore different manifestations of the same investiture appears in each planet. Planets without a shard will have the most closer relation the first form of adonalsium power. 


Some of the overseers like Hoid did not like what he saw through the millennia and wanted to change something while some others like Frost continues his duty.


I guess Yolen was the planet orbiting that supernova and it was dying. I know Liar of Partinel is not cannon but it has the dying world idea. People of yolen needed a way to rescue themselves and the thing that was causing their death became their salvation.

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Good theory, the only thing I can say against it would be that in WoR there was a man (don't remember his name, he was the proto-radiant that healed) who said that the "one" shattered himself to experience all things and that all things would eventually be one again.

I personally asked Brandon at a con if a religion based around Adonalsium still exists and I think that that's what the man is apart of.

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The thing about mind controlled mechanism to harness supernova is about that. I always believed adonalsium was a construct of men rather than god in his own right. When people of yolen sent their device-ship to their sun, it might have a AI-human mind to control supernova explosion power extraction. During the process, initial mind shatters and condenses power of supernova into controllable pockets. These should be shards. Pockets of controllable power of creation created by a supernova. I believe, generations later people may build up a religion around this event.


Furthermore, the initial explosion and the method of power extraction could be powerful enough to affect space-time continuum and create 3 realms as physical, spiritual and cognitive. Supernovas sometimes leave a black-hole after explosion, Some people think they are gateways to other places call it shadesmar here :)

" a place with a black sky and a strange, small white sun that hung on the horizon  " 

The description of sun in shadesmar, This one can easily be explained by a black-hole. Black-holes are actually very bright when they are absorbing matter.Just before matter falls into the hole, it reaches relativistic speeds in orbit of black hole and emits very high energy light. 

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The problem is that some planets, such as Roshar have been stated to have existed befor the shattering, with spren already there. For spren to exist, the three Realms should have existed before the Shattering. Furthermore, we have confirmation that magic already existed before the shattering, such as Yolen Lightweaving.

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