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Evil Giant of Darkness


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Spoilers ahead and all that. Don't say i i didn't warn you and bla bla bla.

PARADOX Confirmed!!!

In the book It states Nightwielder surrounded Newcago in darkness and sorrow and all that shizz, and that his weakness, sunlight, could make him tangible. So...how did he manage to surround an ENTIRE city in darkness with the sun outside shining and giving him a deadly dose of ultra-violet soup?

I don't know if i missed something, but i think the book makes It clear Nighwielder surrounded Newcago like a Glass Globe of pure evil, giving darkness and misery to all inside of the city and stuff...with the sun still shining outside of town and bla bla bla.

So....Either Nightwielder was too Hardcore for his weakness to kick in, or he was actually a very tangible evil giant, but then again, that wouldn't make any more sense, because i think the sun actually made his dark shadows dissapear....Was Nightwielder the first epic to beat his weakness? :ph34r:


Nightwielder's weakness = Sun. Weakness = Fear. Fear = Recurrent Epic Nightmares. Recurrent Epic Nightmares = Nightwielder really feared the sun.


Nightwielder is a vampire. :ph34r:

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Brandon has confirmed that General acts of Power are immune to Weaknesses. Otherwise things wouldn't look as cool. For example, in Newcago, there would be patches of non-steel wherever there was a person who had never heard of Steelheart.


I'll see if I can find the WoB in question.


EDIT: (source)


4. Why doesn't Nighwielder's weakness penetrate his blanket over Newcago when it does pierce the shadow tendrils he attacks David with? Could the reason be that his clouds act as some kind of “security blanket” if for example he got his weakness from being stranded in the dessert clouds like his would have protected him from the sun, which keeps the UV-rays of the sun from triggering his weakness, because they can’t recreate the situation it originates from.

4. I've been dodgy about answering this one, as I thought I might get into it in Book Three, but as I work on it I don't know that I am. The answer is actually pretty simple--it's for the same reason that someone manifesting Regalia's weakness in Babilar doesn't make the waters suddenly retreat. Or that Steelheart's powers didn't leave pockets of open material around anybody who hadn't ever heard of him. (Which is where this exception started in my mind, as without it, the first book would never have worked.)
Basically, I had to make the rule that a large scale, general use of the powers had a kind of immunity to the weakness--one of diffusion. But the general spreading of the powers on the large scale were also far less precise. (For example, Nightwielder could cloud the sky with darkness, but not stop rain from falling.)
Otherwise, you could just find the pockets where the Epic's powers on the grand scale were not working, and easily figure out their weakness. Hence, engaging Nightwielder directly ruins his immediate powers, but on the grand scale the darkness remains in place over the city.
It's the only way I could make the powers work on the grand scale I wanted, in turning Newcago to Steel or sinking NYC.
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I got massive sunburns on my most recent vacation. I've been avoiding the sun for the last week while they healed. Maybe he did the same thing?

Exactly. Take that fear and multiply it by a hundred, especially if he had a very aggressive form of cancer. He wouldn't just avoid the sun and tanning beds; he'd live in fear of them.

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Or had a family member or loved one die from skin cancer.

Fear of the sun is more commonly a phobia than a fear to my knowledge but it's by no means impossible.
Also remember that it  could be a representation of something, as with Newton her fear was not actually being complimented, it was that the compliments became the embodiement of her fear although they were only tangentially related.

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Woah Woah, i''ve been thinking about this for a while....

This kind of power would make an epic invincible! (That is, if the power has any power over the weakness of an epic)

Nightiwielder could have just wrapped HIMSELF in his shadows stuff and he would have receives no harm ever, Even by ultraviolet rays.

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What if Regalia had trapped herself in a water Bubble...to never be proven wrong?

"Hey, Regalia. You forgot to take some food along."

"No I didn't. I have an entire box of protein bars. I'll be fine."

"Check the label, idiot. They're mostly sugar with protein powder. You'll die of malnutrition."

Her bubble would fail the second she read the label.

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