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Hoid's Footprints (Well of Ascension)

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So I've read in a few different places now that Sanderson has confirmed the existence of Hoid in WoA, mainly by saying that it's Hoid's footprints in the ash at the Well. However, despite searching through my copy (ebook, so I can look for keywords like "print", "foot", "feet", and "footprint") I can't find any mention of said prints. Can anyone give me an exact chapter or specific line that would make it easier to search? Would really appreciate it.

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I believe this is it.


"It leaned over. Vin knelt, feeling where it gestured. There, in the frost, she thought she made out the distinct impression of a footprint. But that was impossible. Did the Spirit make it? She wondered. But that was the print of a boot."







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