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Cosmere "20 Questions"

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This is similar to Silverblade5's "Sanderson 20 Questions", but I wanted to do the same solely for Cosmere.


There is no limit to the amount of questions that can be asked, and the person posing the question can decide personally whether they want to occasionally drop a hint every now and then to help the other members guessing out.

The things can be virtually anything that is mentioned in the Cosmere universe, and things that exist out of it that are obviously shown in the universe.

They can be from any published Cosmere novel, and perhaps the unpublished novel Mythwalker, but any other unpublished, or forthcoming books that have excerpts with the thing in, should be omitted.


I'm going to begin, so start guessing.

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Is it the black gem the king gave that sveth


Stormlight Archive

Isn't the black stone most likely of Odium and thus not man made?


Me: he sphere which Gavilar found that Szeth now has--I've been lead to believe that it either is or was heavily invested

Brandon: Yes

Me: Is it still heavily invested?

Brandon: Yes

Me: So, it hasn't, like, gone dun or anything

Brandon: No, it has not

Me: And I'm going to take that to mean it wasn't invested with Stormlight--was it invested by Odium? 

Brandon: Something like that.


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Is it a kind of food? [No]


Is it from Roshar originally? [Yes]

Is it bigger than a breadbox? [No Clarification]

Is it Biotic? [No]

Is Kaladin in any way aware of it's existence? [No]


Is it smaller than a car? [Highly doubtful]


Is it the black gem the king gave that sveth [No]


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