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Shadows of Self UK Cover


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Sam Green, the artist whose style has become iconic for Brandon's books in the UK, has produced another piece of art, this one for Shadows of Self. While Wax looks appropriately dashing, I wonder who the man in the mirror is...


Check it out on Gollancz's website.

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The blue color makes me think Koloss, but that's likely just color theme rather than skin color.



I know it's supposed to be Wax, but the cane and hat make me think "that's gotta be Wayne"

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The Gollancz covers definitely work for Mistborn, and this one is no exception. It's fine. It's the non-Mistborn Gollancz covers that are egregious...


I suppose the whole "mist" thing is more Mistborn than anything else and so it is going to work best for that series.


But, I actually really love all the UK covers I have and my OCD means that I appreciate the thematic approach to the covers! 

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Whenever I see these covers, I suddenly really really wish I could move to the UK!


...then I remember: nope, to poor, grad student nowz. *le sigh*



Maybe the man in the mirror is Sazed? He looks scarily similar to how I picture him.

Plus, one side of his face is covered by the mist while the other is somewhat skull-like


I hope it's Sazed (I wouldn't mind if we got a...weird...Shard perspective bit, hehe), but it could be whoever the villain is too. Or someone else. Who knows. :D

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