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Birmingham signing


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I went to the Birmingham signing last night and had a good time there. I only ended up asking one Cosmere-related question, but hopefully it will still be useful.

I asked if assassination is common among the Parshendi, since they have a tradition of what assassins are supposed to wear. Brandon said (and I'm paraphrasing) that the Parshendi are a lot more unified than they used to be, and back when they existed as a lot of separate tribes (he didn't say how long ago this was), raids and assassinations were a fairly regular thing.

Someone else asked if Adonalsium had been self-aware, and Brandon said he couldn't answer that yet.

I went to the event in a Wheel of Time costume (I posted a couple of pictures in the gallery) and met up with some people I knew from Dragon*Con. I already owned all the books I was getting signed, but I did buy a couple of other books while I was there, including Dan Wells' Fragments (which isn't supposed to be published for a few more days ... exciting! ;-)

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Thanks for finding more for us.

Hmm. They united at some point in the past. Perhaps their gods returned and they unified against a common enemy? Enough to stop them fighting.

Thank you for finding that out for us.

Also yay for bookstores not caring about release dates.

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