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I have been thinking about the possibilities of fabrials.  


we know that fabrials can be made that emulate all ten surges, so i was thinking about some of the possibel devices that could be made.....


#1 - melty sword.


a sword that has a fabrial in the hilt which strengthens the blade (against temperature and impact) while another fabrial makes it SUPERHOT. (with a device to stop the handle from heating up.)


melt through your enemies armor/bodies/horses. 'nuff said.


#2 - reverse shield.


A shield which changes the gravity of any objects that hit it's outer surface, throwing them away.




these could be good for non-shardbearers to equalize things....


Any other ideas? I got more, but I wanted to see what you guys came up with.

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Heat diminishing fabrials so you can simply build things with permanent ice, wich would be cheaper than soulcasting everything. Of course, it has to be planned in a way that the highstorm doens't make the structure so heavy it breaks before the extra ice can be removed. Also, I wonder if gemstones covered in ice can absorv stormilight, since spheres covered in glass ca do it.

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Fabrial traps think want to make sure no one can get in here or if they open this they go BAM. This could be done by using a fabrial that absorbs blood you can have it keeping your other gems safe. Anyone opens the chest and SLURP, one mummy .


You could also use this like a dart trap only the whole hall is filled with them. One wrong step and SLURP!!

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