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[RPG] My crazy campaign


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So I run a campaign, for something like a year now, we've had about 20 sessions. I wanted to write it down, but didn't have time to do it in English. Anyway, some moments are so funny or cool or just moving that I wanted to share them.

Disclaimer: I threw the canon out from the window. Everything that people (nobles mostly) know stays, the rest (like Ruin, Preservation, what was the well of Ascension, what are the unknown metals, why are Inquisitors crazy etc) is changed, because the players knwe the Cosmere too well. Hemalurgy and Feruchemy stay, but with changed metals (so that the table looks more cool).

Also, sorry for bad English if any.

The action is set something like 500 years afterr the Ascension.

OK, so the cool parts:

(Shadow is a nickname of one crazy NPC, who is a skaa Mistborn and... kinda like darker, crazier Kelsier, but he isn't a noble-wannabe, he's just a paranoid village boy with superpowers believing he's a hero... and not much people have ever seen him or even heard that nickname)

Night. Mists. Zane Larabeck, a (very) noble Mistborn is rowing a boat on Lake Tyrian (where, in the volcano is a top secret atium mine... I've mentioned killing the canon, right? ;)/> ) with a box of stolen atium. He sees a Ministry Mistborn (on a weird kind of boat, but that's not important) holding his friend (an NPC, but still, he liked her) with a knife to her throat.

Obligator: Who are you? What are you douing here?

Zane: We are called Shadow and we're stealing your atium.

Obligator: (gets so surprised that he drops the girl. Gets killed by Zane in a few beats.)

Rene Lekal, another Mistborn (also a noble), team scientist has studied the allomantic signatures and believes he found a pattern. Zane got a new, supposedly allomantic, metal from an NPC.

Zane: (burns the metal, which does very cool things, namely paralyzes the target)

Rene: Zane! This is great!...

Zane: (smiles)

Rene: ...it supports my theory!

Everyone: (a bit of facepalm)

OK, a bit of backstory for that scene: Zane had a brother, believed him dead for having a half-breed, learned that the half-breed (BTW a 4 year old crazy sociopathic monster with Wolverine-like hands) was Zane's son with one girl that said she was noble. And his brother (named Brandon, which is itself funny, because the plaer was thinking about Amber Chronicles and didn't notice the name...) is now a Steel Inquisitor because he was a really competent Mistborn (yes, they're both Mistborn. Probability, I know...) and he was given the choice – either he joins or Zane ends on the hook.

Zane had talked with his brother, told him that he recognized him, they talked a bit about philosophy and stuff, Zane told him to meet him again in a place some distance from Luthadel (grave of the monster-half-breed, actually).

Ah, another thing: Steel Inquisitors are a bit different from canon – they're inherently crazy from pain (hemalurgy...), kept more or less sane only by a weird bond between TLR and them. And when an Inquisitor in any way betrays TLR and his orders, it breaks and he goes all weird and berserk. Of course, the Heroes discovered this bond and it's use, mostly by accidents, guessing and really weird uses of Gold allomancy.

Also, the fact that skaa + allomancy = often monster is a secrret that the Ministry really does not want anyone to know (because it's a way to make really powerful Allomancers)

Oh, and the Heroes know a Duralumin-like metal. (which I made because I don't like canon duralumin)

Zane: (is sitting on the rain for a long time)

Brandon: (finally comes; they talk a while about unimportatnt things)

Zane: (pointing at the grave) I saw his hands.

B: You what?!

Z: I digged the grave. [yep, he did]

B: You fool! You idiot! You... Now I will have to kill you. What, by Lord Lurel, were you thinking?

Z: Well, actually I was thinking that you wouldn't want t kill me, you'll go crazy and I'll bind you with emotional allomancy, because that is what Lord Ruler does to you.

B: (goes crazy as Zane said)

Z: (fixes him as he said)

(happiness ensues, some time later the rest of Heroes come, including one rogue kandra)

B: Oh. You know that you'll have to kill the kandra, because when his contract ends, he'll tell the other kandra about what happened here and they'll tell the Steel Ministry. [yes, they would, the TLR-kandra relationship is well... complicated]

HazeTan, the beforementioned rouge kandra: (laughs out loud)

More kandra stuff:

Once, a kandra tried to kill (yes!) Rene's sister. He wasn't rogue, he was working for the Ministry. And so, Heroes learned that unbeknowst to most kandra, some of them have the license to kill. That was the moment, more or less, when HazeTan decided that he does not like First Generation and their rules anymore. They killed the kandra and HT absorbed his blessings.

Also, HazeTan is looking for one kandra from First Generation who went rogue, is believed to be dead but (..long story...) HT believes he just removed his blessings and went back to being a mistwraith. And that his mind may still be somewhere, so finding him (he has an idea for that) and giving him another pair of blessings may be a good idea.

HazeTan: ...so I need a pair of Blessings.

Zane: You have one additional pair, don't you?

HT, in a very offended tone: Hey, I'm using them!

One last quote, not funny, but really really strange (what would you do with that if you were the Narrator?)

There is another kandra, an NPC, serving Zane... well, to make long story short... when you're a rogue kandra, comforting your kinda friend (after she was tortured with Allomancy, just for fun) first and telling her that you have gone rogue, some time later later, may not be the best idea. And they had some really weird dialogue, culminating on this line:

HazeTan: So, I'm not asking you to answer me now, but I hope you will think about it, I know it's a hard one: Between a kandra and a... well... something, someone that once was a kandra and now is not, is friendship possible?

...really, what would you do with something like that?

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