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Compounding Confusion


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In WoA, "compound" seems to mean "increase something a whole lot with Feruchemy" almost as if Feruchemical equivalent of flaring.

He tapped a little more sight, ignoring the nausea that came from compounding so much vision.

...in Feruchemy, one could compound an attribute many times, drawing out months’ worth of power in a few minutes.

But in Alloy, it seems to mean "burn a Feruchemical storage with Allomancy to get a lot of power" as in:

But it’s the Compounding that makes Miles so powerful. If your Allomancy and Feruchemy share a metal, you can access its power tenfold.

But there's also a bit that implies first one in Alloy:

The weight was gone from him in an instant, compounded upon itself in that moment, his metalminds drained all at once.

Wax can't possibly be Compounding by second definition because his Allomancy and Feruchemy don't match.

I'm not sure what to make of this. Without that last bit I'd assume Compound had been retconned, but with it I'm confused. Is this a mistake, did that word actually change meaning on Scadrial or is there something weird going on?

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No it's just used for both, but when it refers to using allomancy to fuel feruchemy it's capitalised. I think a while ago we tried to come up with another term for just drawing out a lot of a feruchemical attribute but I don't think it went anywhere.

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