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How's your High Imperial? (Also, plot ideas for MAG)

Senor Feesh

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So, I'm soon to be delving into running a campaign using the Mistborn Adventure Game and Alloy of Law supplement (woo!) and I'm hoping to occasionally drop in little bits of High Imperial, but I'm awful at trying to create phrases in the lingo - anyone with the flair for it, and who can spare the time, I'd love it if you could translate necessary phrases for me as they come up :)

As for the plot of the game - very loose details so far, but I'm going to be setting it a few months after the events of Alloy of Law - as a result, some spoilers for Alloy follow.

Miles is dead, and rumours of his demise have started to make their way to the areas of the Roughs he used to patrol. Although some still don't believe that Miles Hundredlives could really be dead, at the very least it's a matter of fact he's not been in the area for months, and so some enterprising individuals are naturally going to move in to make the most of the lack of law enforcement.

Enter the player characters - I'm going to give them the choice of what side of the law they stand on, but ultimately there'll be issues around new lawmen and new criminal gangs competing for control of the towns nearby.

In the background of all this, there'll be some disappearances (which will slowly escalate as the game progresses) which will eventually culminate in a showdown with a deranged doctor who has not only rediscovered Hemalurgy (details as to how this happened to be confirmed, but I'm thinking either an old manuscript or maybe even a captured Kandra) but has also begun to experiment with integrating Hemalurgic spikes into furnace-powered machinery, channeling Allomancy through machines!

Ulitmately, his goal is to immortalise himself in a construct-body, using Ferruchemical Aluminum (stolen with Hemalurgy), stored in a spike which will then be spiked back through himself and into the construct.

So I've got the big plot, figured out, but will still need some smaller week-by-week stories to fill things out (and deflect from/lead into the larger plot).

Any assistance with plot ideas and/or High Imperial greatly appreciated :)

Edit: Forgot to add, obviously character creation will lead into some story ideas naturally, and that has yet to happen, but I'm still open to generic plot ideas that can be worked in (possibly even worked into someone's personal plot if it happens to align).

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Wasing the why of asking? Willing the thinking of the lacking of High Imperial?
Edit: read why now. Wasing of never difficult the High Imperial to read for me.

I'm still not that great at writing/speaking it, but I can read it fluently.

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