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The Altar scene in book 1

Paranoid King

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In book 1 of Alcatraz, in the very first chapter, there is a scene where he is tied up to an altar. But he isn't sacrificed in that book, because he says that scene will come in a future book. As subsequent books have been produced, he continues to claim that the altar scene will be forthcoming soon, and in book 4, he says that he always planned to have it in book 5.


However, throughout the books, he has claimed numerous times that he is a liar. He has tried to prove it in numerous ways, and in book 2, he had the analogy of the fish and the shoes, where you are so focused on him saying he is a fish that you forget that he actually has white shoes.


My theory is that he will bring these two things together, and the altar scene will never happen. It's the ultimate way of proving that he is a liar. Because you are so focused on the storyline throughout the series, you almost forget that he is a liar, but neglecting the altar scene would make you remember that fact for a long, long time.

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