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Given the sudden outbreak of spambots on the wiki I would appreciate any suggestions on how to deal with this problem.

Obviously one option is just to continue reverting and hope they go away.

Another is to have one of the admins block their IP adresses as and when they appear. This is something I would recommend just as a matter of course to any admins who read this.

A third that I am not yet recommending is to lock the wiki so only logged in users can edit. Actual contributors without accounts would still be able to create accounts and keep editing but the step of creating accounts may block some of the spambots.

Your thoughts? Any other ideas?

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We can put CAPTCHA's on editing of pages using something like the confirmEdit plugin. It may be a pain in the rump, but at the same time its less work that constantly fixing and correcting spam.

Edit: i suppose i should address the options you mentioned

1) Kinda a non-option if you ask me, and probably the worst thing to do.

2) Should be done as a matter of principle in the first place, but is too much of a reactive method, and we need something more proactive

3) Workable, but i'm not a fan of this option. Part of a wiki's power is in its openness, and i've long been a proponent of "signing up for an account should be optional" as a general thing.

I honestly think Captcha's are the best idea (at least that i can think of). Anyone can post/edit when and how they want, so long as they can prove themselves human. From there, the community will handle all the rest of moderating as need.

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Beli is now a semi staff member, assisting with the wiki.

The page that's been spammed is locked now, and pretty soon I will require user registration. Or confirmEdit, which I'm looking into. Depends if confirmEdit can be disabled for registered users. If so, then I'll use confirmEdit.

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