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Hello There!

Small Horse

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Hello there!

I'm new to the forums.

Like all of you, I suspect, I am a massive Brandon Sanderson Fan and thoroughly intrigued by the happenings in the cosmere, as well as his Urban Fantasy novels!

And before any of you offer, I have a cookie-intolerance but will accept steak or sandwiches as an alternative ;p

Have a good'n!

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The bakeries of the Dark Alleys of the 17th Shard are equipped to meet all members dietary needs, so allow me to offer you our finest selection of beef, chicken, turkey and ham sandwiches. 

Welcome to the 17th Shard.

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Thanks for the welcoming Steaks and Sandwiches, inhabitants of the 17th Shard =]
My name is Small Horse, so I'm all set for as bovine is concerned, unless of course it's on a sandwich, in which case - nom!

I hadn't realised "Shadows for Silence in the Forests of Hell" was even a thing! yet alone cosmere *heavy breathing* I'll be having a read of that on my way to work on Monday morning =D

What do you guys make of the edits to Elantris and WoR?

In Sanderson, we trust.




I'm not big on donuts... now Pizza cupcakes! That's a different story =D

Edited by Small Horse
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