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I recently finished the Night Angel trilogy by Brent Weeks, and I wanted to hear what y'all had to say about it. So discuss down below! 


Personally I really enjoyed the series. It was dark and gritty and real. The characters really acted like they were cold blooded killers, thieves and the like. Also the characters are awesome! I love Azoth/Kylar, and loved his development throughout the first book. And Durzo. Mmm, Durzo was the perfect combination of sarcasm, mystery, and epicness. It was so cool to learn about his past and the different things he has experienced. I usually don't go for characters with mysterious pasts/previous scars whatever, but Weeks really did a good job with this one. 


Okay. Now, I also really liked the way that everything tied together in the end, which kind of gave me a Sanderson-esque feel. However, that being said the epilogue sucked. If there was one problem with this series is that it did not really give much closure. At least, not enough for me. 


Anyway, those are my thoughts on the series without going into too much detail. But what did you guys think of it? 


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I enjoyed it a lot and it will be re read in a he future. fyi Weeks has stated that he has plans to return to this series once Lightbringer is done and I eagerly await that. You should look into Lightbringer now if you haven't yet. It has a Warbreaker feel in regards to the magic system and I like LB more then NA. There's 3 out now with one more to come. Idk if that is end or he has 5 in mind.

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I liked the series well enough but I thought the ending was just stupid. Biggest army of dead things that world had ever seen, let's sing a song at them, works every time. I really didn't like that. Also I didn't like how after Jenine was rescued and taken back to Logan, Logan forgave her for what? Having sex with Dorian after she fell in love with him, which is acceptable to me because she thought Logan was dead. He even said it to her and she was all like, 'oh thank you! I love you.' ( not an exact quote but I don't have the books on me. ).


Other than that, I liked it. The magic was a bit meh but that stone thing was funny, Kylar was a good character and Durzo was awesome.

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A great series!!

Brent Weeks said he might be picking it up again to tie off a few loose ends after Lightbringer!!

Loved the magic system, the characters with their grey moral code and the gritty world they live in. if you guys listen to audiobooks the Graphic Audio version is incredible.

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