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So, for a while, I've been a fan of The Creative Assmbly's Total War real-time tactics games. You command a historical nation, and in epic real-time battles with thousands of troops on all sides, conquer your way to glory. So, I was wondering if any other 17th Sharders play any Total War games, and if so, which ones.

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I've been a fairly large fan of Total War since M2TW, and part of the community over there since about the same time. I'm the same Kurkistan who runs the Guides to the Guides (yes, a very original name, the patent is currently pending). Since I've gone to college, though, I just can't muster the proper time to play.

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Total war is fun. Played the first shogun, loved it, then missed a few, found it again with mediveal 2, played all since.

I heard theyr talking about doing a total war in the warhammer world, so their open to such things.

But I´d think Brandon needs to get even more popular, or have a mistborn movie do very well for that to be possible ;)

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