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The reason? I mistakenly removed the awards because I thought it was causing problems in this iteration of 17S. (For you young'ins, this was at the very beginning of this iteration of 17S. So if you've only ever known 17S to look like this, it's been a while.) Then, though I could've sworn I have the database of that stuff, I can't find it. Tl;dr: I'm an idiot.

So awards will come back but it'll be guesstimation to restore old things. It'll probably all be new stuff.

We're late in this cycle of Invision Power Board, so this will probably wait until the next big release. Soon™.

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Thanks Chaos!

Yeah they were mostly just silly things like finding a secret hidden somewhere on the site, attending certain IRL events or I think there was one for the online Q&A, then a couple for being helpful like contributing a lot on the Coppermind or helping with transcriptions.

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They were little awards that appeared on the left, near where your avatar was. They were given out for mostly silly things. But yeah, it was a forumwide award system.

But only "mostly silly" ... they were a motivation, too, and would be again, especially now that the reputation points aren't really expressive any more. :)

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