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Dragon*Con 2012


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I'm willing to bet yes. The staff (and the small black arc of a hat) on the right looks like it probably belongs to a guy cosplaying as Mat Cauthon. And if my mind is functioning properly, she was also dressed up as Mara Jade tonight (Sunday night), and I didn't realize it until I asked. :( (I only know that much because I was hanging around during the M:TG draft tonight, and got to talking with a guy dressed up as Loki [the only male I saw dressed up as Loki this year], who filled in all the blanks for me.)

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Negative. I was the guy who, Sunday night in the WoT room, apologized and asked who you were dressed up as. (Something like, "I feel horrible for asking this, but are you dressed up as anyone in particular?" I have a friend who has, like zero ranks in Diplomacy, and he was always saying, "Excuse me, but what are you?" After hearing him do that a bunch, I'm a little apprehensive about asking people about their costumes when I don't immediately recognize it.)

I thought your face looked familiar for some reason, but I couldn't figure out why. Probably because of whatever photos you've posted here, plus your Vin & Elend costumes from a couple years back. (Got a picture of the two of you then.)

Had I known that was you, I would have sat down and chatted a bit. :-/

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