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Hello from 'sunny' Scotland.


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Hi all,


First time posting in a forum so be gentle :P Came to this site via the Coppermind whilst trying to find out if anyone shared my suspicion that Adolin was going to be a Stoneward. Then ended up more confused as you all can craft serious arguments both for and against! :) 


I discovered Sanderson via the Wheel of Time and i have to say initially i thought i would hate him (is that boo's i hear?). I opted not to read the last three until he was finished as a result. I've since read almost all his works so quite glad i was wrong and decided to give it a read! My favourites being Stormlight and first Mistborn Tri with Kelsier, Kaladin and Sazed being my characters of choice. My favourite line is "I am, unfortunately, the Hero of Ages" because i realised who it was straight away and was super duper happy :D


Thanks for taking the time to read this and feel free to grab me for a chat!

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I've seen other people on the forum think that Adolin will be a Dustbringer. 

Also, welcome and do not accept cookies from anyone.

Just thinking...that all the future Radiant are broken, and it seems to be required to become one: so, we have to wait for Adolin to be broken

(as a consequence of the end of WoR?)

to show his powers? 

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That is the popular current speculation I believe :)


Of course, that would make an awful LOT of Kholin radiants, but I'm okay with that. An awful lot of Brandon's magic systems are at least somewhat genetic...hmmmmm.......  and I've seen arguments that would make every single (living) Kholin a radiant. So I suppose we shall have to see which direction that goes. But just search Adolin and radiant, and you'll probably lose more hours off your day than you can possibly imagine.

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Welcome! I'm a proponent of the "Adolin will be a Dustbringer" faction because the defining attributes of such a Radiant are "Bravery and Obedience". Other than Rysn, who else fulfills this? Adolin. Just as Nisana states, he may be broken already. 


Just want to add, I hope Rysn becomes a Dustbinger. For whatever reason, I found her interludes to be some of the most enjoyable chapters in both books (probably because she introduces us to more of Roshar, which is the BIG draw of the series to me).

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Thanks all for your kind welcomes!


I am sticking with my original suspicion that Adolin will be a Stoneward for nothing more than the fact that we Scots can be mighty stubborn when required... Plus when I searched Adolin and Radiant I not only lost days but I also lost the pain free brain I am so very fond of :P  So many theories!


I am also missing the cookie joke so if anyone happens to explain that one you will have have my ever lasting gratitude! It's going to be something simple and obvious isn't it?  :wacko:


Thanks again for your kind welcomes! Warms a black heart!  :D

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Well you see about the cookies: They are delicous and nutrisiuoios hahaaha no. Don't touch them. They may or may not be Hemalurgically spiked. maybe.

Have a zucchini, a welcome to the forum! And some good old upvotes!

(Don't eat the cookies though if you don't want to be Ruin's slave and/or intern)

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