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Hello just another Sanderfan especially the Mistborn series!


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Just an introduction to say I exist and that yes I love reading Mr. Sanderson's work.  I chose the name Mistwannabeborn as I would love to live in the world of Mistborn and be able to have the powers of a Mistborn!


I was introduced to Mr. Sandersons work with the book Steelheart.  I was bringing a bunch of boys to a retreat in Ohio and it was a 7 hour drive and I looked on Audible for a young adult novel that would entertain the boys.  Wow was I ever exposed to what a story could be!


The 7 hours on the way out went in what seemed a flash.  Now we had to wait for the retreat to end so we could pack our bags head home and listen to the rest.  Suffice it to say we barely completed it in time and the boys loved it.  It was the first experience I had with Brandon and not my last.  


My family listened to the Rithmatist when we went on vacation this past summer and again was not disappointed.  

I have just completed the first two books of Mistborn and I'm in the middle of the last of the first trilogy now.  


I am looking forward to delving into the Stormlight Archive series and Firefight next.  Keep up the great writing as you have me as a faithful reader from this point on...




Hoping to read how others felt about reading the mistborn series and look forward to their thoughts on the series

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Mistborn is a good series to get into the cosmere with; I'd actually recommend reading Warbreaker before starting SA though.


I mean, I'm a Warbreaker fanboy, so I'd say read it anyway, but I have reasons this time... the big one being that Warbreaker, in my mind, is a great companion book to the original Mistborn trilogy. If you liked the original trilogy, I think you'd enjoy it... and it's available for free download on Brandon's site, which is a nice extra bonus.

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Pandas lack the ability to bake and thus any cookies they present would be of far inferior quality.

Really? That's the best you can do? I would think that the great Voidus would be better at persuasion than that :)

They may droop a little in quality, but at least they don't have bronze or steel or whatever sticking out of every chocolate chip.

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Pandas lack the ability to bake and thus any cookies they present would be of far inferior quality.

Whoa-ho-ho. Hold your ponies. Unless you're willing to pony up some cash, I suggest you drop your malign and slanderous accusations.

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Voidus how do you hide spoilers? Like the fact I can post something like that but yet hide it...Please let me know. Thanks

I'm not Voidus, but I can answer your question.

If you're using a computer, there's a button for it. If you're on mobile(like me), you type "

text of spoiler[/spoiler#]" (don't actually put the hashtag; I just put that there so it wouldn't spoiler out "text of spoiler")

For more, Wikipedia BB Code(s).

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Well if you really want to be a mistborn then Dark Alley cookies are a much better way to get there, panda cookies just turn you into a panda, forever denying you the awesomeness of Allomancy.

Don't listen to this crem. It's all lies.

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