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Mistborn Adventure Game play by play

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As promised, summaries of our MAG sessions so far.

The most unusual PC we have is technically a Twinborn (although it's a result of Hemalurgical meddling rather than interbreeding) with a Splinter of Ruin searching for him. Zinc Compounder, which will be pretty interesting. The party is VERY large - we have 8 players - but they work together very well. 

The first session was a sort of tutorial - they had to steal a poorly-guarded bead of atium from House Venture (I lowered their usual security simply for the sake of the game, it's now at a much more reasonable level). They already hate Straff and have glimpsed Elend. One of the PCs managed to break into Straff's office, which I hadn't accounted for, so I let him find out about Straff's mistresses as a reward for clever thinking. However, our Mistborn stuffed up with an obligator - made the same mistake as Vin in trying to use emotional Allomancy on him. This resulted in the near destruction of their current safe-house (a brothel), which was narrowly averted by some clever misdirection by the party spy-master.

The second session (which was just the other day) saw them going to Fadrex City in order to look for a map. They found out that they needed to go into the Canton of Orthodoxy, so they used the cover story of being minor nobles that needed paperwork for a possibly buyout of land. The party stealth expert snuck down to the lower floors and released one of the rebel skaa that had been captured, leading to enough commotion that our feruchemist could store a memory of the map in a coppermind. They were then going to go back to Luthadel, but one PC heard a rumour of House Demoux looking to move their assets out of Fadrex City, so they decided to instead hobnob at the ball, try and squeeze some information out that they could use to destabilise the nobility some more.

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First of all- yay!I've been looking forward to these.


I'm sort of torn on whether I want to ask what changes you decided to settle on for the world (presuming this is the Mistborn Ruin/Preservation splinter AU you were asking about before). On the one hand, I love world building... but on the other, keeping it a surprise for us as well as them sound slike the best idea.


Mind if I ask for more information on who your player characters are, though? You mentioned a "twinborn", a spymaster and mistborn, but I'm sort of curious about the rest of the party and what their characters are like personality wise... though of course, typing up all that information for eight players might take a while. So... uh.. sorry for any inconvenience caused. You will be rewarded with upovotes though?

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I'm happy to list characters, it'll just have to wait until Thursday (my time) so that I can double check everyone's backstory for more details.

Rough concepts off the top of my head

Mistborn with a dose of paranoia from being raised on the streets - he's been burning copper every scene so far, just in case, and is well on the way to becoming a copper savant. His mother was skaa, and was killed by a noble in front of him.

Terris Feruchemist who is one of the most knowledgeable people in the setting about the Spiritual Realm. His old and relatively kind master was assassinated as a result of noble politics - Lord Straff was jealous of the number of Terrismen working under the man.

Mistborn Scientist with a penchant for metallurgy. Very interested in the potential of new alloys, and is not too far off from discovering allomantic electrum. He's also looking into the '11th metal' rumours, but Kelsier is keeping that close to his chest.

A Zinc misting who was made into a Zinc Compounder through his father's hemalurgic experiments. His father doesn't know about Feruchemy - he was just seeing if he could replicate a Steel Inquisitor. In fact, his father thinks that it failed, but kept his son alive because he snapped into a misting due to the experiment.

We do have another Zinc misting in the party - a high-class prostitute who sees seducing important nobles as a challenge, and one that she very much enjoys.

A coinshot skaa labourer, who was built to be a stereotypical D&D PC - combat combat combat. He's been very disappointed by the political maneuvering that has taken place so far in the campaign.

A kandra who prides themselves on being the consummate professional mimic, even among Kandra. She changes shapes quite often, resulting in the necessity of codewords for identifying her, but always manages to keep to her roles perfectly.

And lastly, we have our spymaster - a brothel owner who is an expert at finding out what the prevailing wind of noble attitude is, and well as the finer currents of the politics. So far he's found a mortal enemy in Straff (although most of the party hates him, which I'm proud of).

I've actually ruled that anyone who writes a 300 word backstory gets an extra trait, so I'll post those here too.

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