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Hello to all fellow rabid fans.


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Greetings fellow peoples! I only recently discovered 17th shard, though I've been a Sanderson fan since Mistborn:TFE. I'm 16, and am a passionate reader, writer, and lover of history. I have an obsession with Japanese history and culture, as well as an appreciation for a good videogame. I've always admired Brandon Sanderson as someone who was willing to challenge established fantasy norms, and was pleasantly surprised that he was chosen to work on WOT. I live in CA and am taking Japanese (Language) and Aikido ( a Japanese martial art.). I hope I can both have some great discussions, and satisfy my inherent itch to read and talk about Brandon Sanderson and other author's rich worlds. I am trying my best to write an Epic Fantasy, so I hope I can get an insight on that here. Oh, and I'm a Sandertard. HEEEE HEEEE


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If you're interested in the writing group we have going, head on over to the Reading Excuses forum, there is an excellent thread there with information courtesy of Silk.

A quick summary of the system we have:

Each week a number of people (1-5) submit a piece of their work (Around 5000 words or so is the agreed upon limit. These people do it via email and a submission list so that only the people who sign up for the list receive the document. This prevents people from having to post the entirety of their work on the forums, where anyone at all can take it, plus it makes things cleaner.

Each person who submitted, and some who don't, will read and critique those submissions for the week. We're not exceptionally serious about "Oh you have to critique X pieces of work by Y date" but it's more of an honors system; you give us good feedback and we'll return the favor.

Keep in mind, some of these critiques are very direct, but none of which are aimed at belittling an individual's writing skill or their story. If you're interested, head over to the forums there and read the policies, if you have stuff ready to submit, post in the pinned thread and if there is available slots for the coming week we'll happily critique your stuff.

Cheers, and welcome to the 17th shard!


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It's english for "Oh hell those Battle Cruisers are going to %^&$ up my Brood Lords!"

Starcraft 2 joke!

Also a Japanese battleship that fought in WWII and was sunk by the Americans in 1945, Gogo uselsess trivia!

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Useless trivia is the best trivia! :lol:

I just joined a few days ago as well, and I signed up for Reading Excuses - I think it's definitely what you're looking for. Do join us!

By any chance, do you like manga/anime? And welcome to 17th Shard! I'm 15 myself, so yay youngsters! :P

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Yamato is the name of Japan before the year 672. The emperor in 672 changed the name of the country from Yamato to Nippon or Nihon, which means sun-origin, or Land of the rising sun. Brendan, you're also right. It was a ship in WW2 that was the largest battleship ever. Momo, I am a huge manga obsessive, I used to read Shonen mostly, but after discovering Osamu Tezuka's non Astro boy works, it's hard for me to go back to Naruto and Bleach and whatnot. I recommend Phoenix, Buddha, Black Jack, Adolf, and Barefoot gen. All amazing works of art. Thanks for the info about the writing jamesW. IMO the cosmere is pretty much the coolest thing ever, so I was really excited to discover this place.

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