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Yo Mamma


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So, I looked through Brandon's twitter pictures and found this piece of loveliness- 429480198.jpg?key=648486&Expires=1344756924&Key-Pair-Id=APKAIYVGSUJFNRFZBBTA&Signature=FZMbNJ1WgFjbO8vcxjsyJxv4LAgCJ5He~b6ko99-QbiVOycRHC84kLCjgM8i7uXPSxtV9D9ED~hzB0gjYWuyzDHQS5E2CE6JMGdF6F7oicTc8hi~VBQ7TAgefAZQNmO3JusqOLO3Gp6uXNF200YSe6oNpkw9XO4uXrdpfiwCXvs_

this spurred quite a lovely discussion on the chatroom, I won't post everything here, but a few:

[02:00] <Master_Moridin> Ya momma's so fat, she has to Soulcast mountains for breakfast.

[00:42] <@Shivertongue> Yo momma so fat, she gets cardiac arrest waiting for ten heartbeats

[00:46] <lyssie> your mom is so fat and ugly, that when they tried to toss her into elantris she wouldn't fit through the gates

all these and more are in the funny things in IMs thread.

The big question is, what cosmere Yo Mamma jokes can *you* come up with?

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Yo momma's so round, shadesmar thought she was another sphere.

Yo momma's so fat, people hop on her back thinking she's a chull.

Yo momma's so poor she tried using walnuts as spheres.

Yo momma is the shelter in a highstorm.

Yo momma tried being mistborn, but pushed the coins through the stone when she tried steelpushing.

Yo momma so ugly, the best she could get was a Koloss.

Yo momma so fat, the Kandra couldn't eat all her bones.

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Yo Mama so ugly, she's the reason Hoid's always running

Yo Mama so fat, when she tripped, she Shattered the Plains

Yo Mama so fat, one fart is all it takes to kill somebody storing breaths

Yo Mama so clumsy when she tried to pick up Adonalsium, it shattered

Yo Mama so fat, Odium almost claimed her as a Shardworld

The Vanishers were named for how quickly the exit the room when Yo Mama came in

Yo Mama so stupid she makes a Koloss look genius

Yo Mama so nasty she's the reason Spren stay hidden

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