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I don't even know what to say. Been popping around for a few weeks now. When I started using this site to really put stuff together it blew my freaking mind.

Started Sanderson with mistborn over a year and a half ago-ish? Read that trilogy and then elantris, by this time elevating Sanderson past Terry pratchett for my fav author. Read a late draft of warbreaker then way of kings. Got my gf into the books and she got me aol. Reread all of them of course and just finished wok for the fifth? time upon purchasing a signed hardcover.

Tl;dr I freakin' love these books.

Hello! I hope I can post the smart and interesting things upon your communal digital analogy of a bulletin board based communication system.

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No cursing, please. Welcome!
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Hey MistSailer, good to have you aboard! :P I'm really glad you decided to join us here! I'm a theory moderator over in the Brandon's books board, so I hope to see you over there before long. If you've got any questions at all, don't hesitate to ask, whether it be cosmere related or something more basic about the forums. I hope you'll have fun theorizing here with us :D

Edit: Joe totally ninja'd me on the aboard joke

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Thank you for the welcome, I've already composed a few too big posts and I feel right at home! Haha as long as I don't sound like an idiot.

As far as spiking I wouldn't worry to much about it, it's probably just sfdjasdotiasjdoiasdt, FORGET EVERYTHING YOU HAVE HEARD ABOUT SPIKING, IT IS UNIMPORTANT HAIL THE ADMINS.

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