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Hello Everyone!!!


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Hey everybody, my name is Chris. I've been an avid fan of Sanderson and especially his Cosmere novels for 3 or 4 years now since I discovered Mistborn. I'm joining the site to share some of mine and my friends theories about Hoid and the events in the Cosmere, and look forward to some awesome discussions!

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The most recent theory that my friend and I have discussed is about Hoid's appearance in Warbreaker, when he says he learned his way of storytelling from "a man who didn't know who he was in a distant place where two lands meet and gods have died". We think that he may have learned from Sazed on Scadrial, since Sazed did not know that he was the Hero of Ages and 2 gods, ruin and preservation, died on Scadrial.

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Warning: Don't accept any cookies from anyone on this website. Mistborn is the best Cosmere novel ever. Ever. Period. (Ignore the fact I LOVED Words of Radiance.) Especially if you're a Mistborn shapeshifting Wolf, like I am. 


I see you're "Mistborn shapeshifting Wolf", and raise you a Type I, Biochromatic Pony.


Anyway- welcome. Though Arthur has a bit of a point; it's probably a better idea to put spoiler-stuff in particular forums, or at least to put it into spoiler tags.


Anyway- welcome! Again!

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