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how to get river of souls

king of nowhere

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well, the title pretty much says it all. I know it was publiched as part of an anthology, but I'm not going to buy all the anthology just for it. do anyone know of some other way to read it? can i get it separately from the anthology in some kind of ebook format? (note that i have no ebook reader or tablet or ipad or aything, just dear old laptop, and i like it that way)

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Currently the Unfettered anthology is the only way to get and I don't think Brandon et al. have any plans to release it separately at this point.  Or at least not that they've mentioned.  Personally though the anthology as a whole is well worth the money (or at least the ebook version is).  Granted I've only read a few of the stories but what I have read have been fantastic.  To me it's a no brainer, if they released it separately it would cost at least 2.99, the ebook of the whole anthology is only 7.99 on kindle/nook, which is a pretty good deal in my opinion.

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I say definitely just go for it and buy it; I agree that the other stories in it make it well worth the money. (In fact, River of Souls is one of the weakest in the whole book. I know it needs to be considered as what it is, a deleted scene from AMoL, but I frankly didn't find it very satisfying or revealing.) But again, Unfettered as a whole is worth the price of admission for the eBook. But since you're not into that eBooks (I'm the same way; the only eBooks I buy in fact are ones that are far more expensive physically, such as anthologies), it may not be worth the $35 for the physical book.

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Well, my main beef with anthologies is that they are short stories. Ever since I picked up the wheel of time, I require a long and articulated complex supported by deep worldbuilding to be enticed by something. Every book shorter than 300 pages just don't have enough plot to really take me (including the emperor's soul; I appreciated it, but it's the only sanderson book I have read only once. Same goes for new spring), and I also stopped watching movies.

Also, if I am told to "try" something, I unconsciously go into super-critic mode  and will see all the worst of it. I still remember a time my brother told me to listen to a song I could like, and I was "meh, nice but nothing special"; then I heard the same song at a party a few months later, and I instantly loved it. even now, 13 years later, it's one of my favourites. And an anthology of short stories is an invitation to try out new authors.


So, it does not matter  how good those stories are. I am never, ever going to like them, for reasons stemming from my personal tastes and my screwed up psycology..


My main reason for wanting to read a river of souls is that it is supposed to contain informations on shara, and I am very curious about it. because there is so little in the regular books. I'm the kind of guy who, upon seeing a map, starts wondering what's in the empty spaces. So, even if it was just an info dump on sharan customs, I'd  still want to read it.


Thanks for the answers. I'll probably buy the ebook sooner or later.

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