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If the correct amount of Anti-Investiture was used, could the Fused become something akin to Shardblades?



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We dont know for sure but Probably, Maybe?  Cognitive Shadows have some qualitative differences from actual Spren & Seons, but WOB implies it could be possible for them to form a Nahel Bond.  The might need help from a Bondsmith or something rather than being able to form it on their Own like the Spren can, and it might cause some odd effects compared to the 10-ish races of Spren that bond currently.  





Because of Kelsier's status as a Cognitive Shadow we've been wondering what wonky things you can do with him being like that and so-- Hypothetically, purely hypothetically, could a Surgebinder, could somebody form a Nahel bond with him?

Brandon Sanderson

With Kelsier? We'll RAFO that. We will definitely RAFO that for now

Footnote: Brandon has previously stated that this is possible at OdysseyCon 2016
JordanCon 2018 (April 20, 2018)






Could Kelsier theoretically bond with someone on Roshar?

Brandon Sanderson


OdysseyCon 2016 (April 8, 2016)





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to follow up on what Quantus said: I don't think you could do it with anti-investiture, though. that should have the effect of destroying the fused entirely, which likely wouldn't leave enough behind to become a shardblade. i'll second the suggestion that something like a Bondsmith modifying connection could probably allow a fused to form a nahel bond and that it may be possible for them to manifest as a shardblade once that process began.

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19 minutes ago, GunslingerRadiant said:

So, no not with anti Investiture. Really, my question is if we can make a sort of Fused Deadeye.

Also, when the Spren come into the gemhearts of singers, what kind of bond do they form? Do they form one? Or is it something else?

i figured that is what you were going for. I'd say it is possible to do, but not with anti-investiture.

for the other question, I found this WOB which implies that it is a Nahel bond, but not necessarily the same thing as Radiant bond:


Tom Goldthwait

At any point in the Rosharan history, was it possible to form a Nahel bond without swearing oaths?

Brandon Sanderson

"Nahel bond" is the phrase used for a bond between a spren and a being from the Physical Realm. That is the definition of it. So the answer to that is yes; it's currently possible right now. It's how greatshells exist and grow to the size they do. It's how Ryshadium exist. Those are Nahel bonds also.

What you're asking is if a sapient spren, a spren and a sapient individual, forming what we currently call the Radiant bond, which has access to much greater power; was that possible without swearing oaths? Yes and no. The formalization of the oaths and the Orders aligned with certain spren did take a little bit of time to come together. It was possible to form a Nahel bond before that, but it was not a Radiant bond accessing the levels of powers that are currently possible. So it's another one of these "yes and no" answers, if that makes any sense.

You could find a Nahel bond... In fact, many would call the bond between the singers and the spren that give them forms Nahel bonds. It may not fit fully into the categorization that most people would use it for, but you could kinda call that the same thing.

YouTube Spoiler Stream 1 (Dec. 17, 2020)

a few others suggested that, for instance when the singers change forms, the former spren is released. we have also been told in the books that the fused wipe out the mind of their host, so I expect their normal operation is less like a bond and more like what the Returned have on Nalthis, only with someone else's body.

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