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Stupid allomancy question

Sky Breaker


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Well, aluminum gets rid of your other metals reserves... so even if you burn duralumin you're ultimately going to get the same result.

Also there was another thread for this a while ago, if you want to read through it.


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It would be very interesting. I don't have the appointment at hand, forgive me, as soon as I find it or the pertinent information I will bring it.

I don't know if it's a spoiler but keep in mind that you should know about mistborne and shadows for silence.

Well to express my point let's have the shades of Threnody,  When you are touched and infected with withering there are few things that can help you, like silver usually. but also making use of gold Feruchemy can heal withering, as well as burning aluminum. Using aluminum and duralumin you could heal from very serious injuries of this type or even instantly.

Speculating a little more, we could even cure damage to your spirit web or the loss of a limb damaged by a Shardblade.


If you're on Threnody and you get withered by a shade, are you better off burning Allomantic aluminum, or tapping Feruchemical gold?
[clarification on the question]

Brandon Sanderson
They would both work pretty well. I would say if you burned aluminum, that would kind of have the effect that you are wanting it to have, which is the effect-- negating and sucking out, so that's probably safer. But the gold would work, too.

So would it be fair to describe withering as a kind of cancerous Forging-

Brandon Sanderson

That just kind of slowly takes over your soul?

Brandon Sanderson


I hope I have helped!

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