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Unmade links to Polestones SA5 Preview Spoilers

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One notable thing in the new preview chapters for SA5 is the mention that BAM was trapped into a flawless heliodor.  This would indicate to me that each Unmade has a specific Polestone it is linked to to be bound into. After all, Yelig-Nar was in an amethyst and Nergaoul is in a ruby. If BAM is indeed locked in a heliodor, than I would posit that this also links her to the essence of Sinew. Oddly enough, this means that BAM would correspond to Ishar as a herald. This would raise some extremely interesting questions for book 5. In addition, we know from this WoB that you need an intrinsic connection to an Unmade to trap it in a gemstone.



Did Dalinar use his Bondsmith abilities to catch Nergaoul?

Brandon Sanderson

What happened here has happened before, but a Bondsmith was involved then too. However, Dalinar's personal connection to the Unmade was very important.




This above quote would imply Melishi was deeply connected to BAM.

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Posted (edited)

No, they all came from Ashyn, and there were no singers on Ashyn.

Well, technically it is theoretically possible Shalash could be singer, because it is unknown whether she was born on Roshar or Ashyn, and her mother is unknown. So if Jezrien had a fling with a singer right after getting to Roshar, it is possible.

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10 hours ago, The Stick said:

If BAM is indeed locked in a heliodor, than I would posit that this also links her to the essence of Sinew. Oddly enough, this means that BAM would correspond to Ishar as a herald.

This is weird as Brandon has previously said that there is no Unmade corresponding to Bondsmiths. I wasn't expecting heliodor to be used for Unmades because of that.



Also, does each of the Unmade have a corresponding order of the Knights Radiant?

Brandon Sanderson

Eh... Kind of.


Ok. So there are nine Unmade right, so which one is left out?

Brandon Sanderson

Bondsmith. But it's not as one to one, there's some fuzziness in there.

Oathbringer San Francisco signing (Nov. 15, 2017)


10 hours ago, Experience said:

Could one of the heralds be a singer? Just had the thought and wasn't sure if we know or not if it's a possibility.

I wouldn't exclude this possibility, after all Venli remarks that Nale's scar on his face looks like Singer's pattern, from Nale's memory it looks like he was an enemy to Jezrien (whatever it means) before he asked him to join Heralds, so he might be in some way related to Singers, maybe he had mixed parents, or something like that? All Heralds maybe with the exception of Ash came from Ashyn, Ash might have been born on Roshar already, Brandon isn't sure. But from all we know, Nale wasn't present when BAM was imprisoned. 

RoW ch 77:


A figure darkened the doorway to the guard post. The bearded soldier looked up. Venli turned slowly, attuning Anxiety. The newcomer was an imposing figure with deep brown skin and a pale mark on his cheek, almost like a listener might have as part of their skin pattern.

RoW ch 47:


Nale clasping hands with a bearded Alethi man, regal and wise. Dalinar knew this was Jezerezeh, though he couldn’t say how.
“I will take this charge,” Nale said softly. “With honor.”
“Do not consider it an honor,” Jezerezeh said. “A duty, yes, but not an honor.”
“I understand. Though I had not expected you would come to an enemy with this offer.”
“An enemy, yes,” Jezerezeh said. “But an enemy who was correct all along, making me the villain, not you. We will fix what we’ve broken. Ishar and I agreed. There is no person we would welcome more eagerly into this pact than you. You are the single most honorable man I have ever had the privilege of opposing.”
“I wish that were true,” Nale said. “But I will serve as best I can



Willshaper Wallar

...Were the Heralds alive for the human exodus from Ashyn?

Brandon Sanderson

Yes. They were not Heralds then, but they all made that trip. I believe. My timeline-- You can't nail me down on that one, because it's possible that Ash was born after, but I don't think so.

Skyward Denver signing (Nov. 15, 2018)


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Well, in Oathbringer, when Vyre stabs Jezrien with the raysium knife, it is mentioned that the gemstone in the knife is sapphire, which is Jezrien's Polestone. I reread the box scene in RoW, and sadly it does not mention which type of gemstone was in the dagger Shallan was to use against Kalak.

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