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We learn that as far as Ta'veren go, Rand is the one. Artur Hawkwing was an enormously powerful Ta'veren, but it states in the books that Rand is stronger. Afterwards, Rand demonstrates that inexplicable ability to light his pipe with a mere thought.

I'm sure that this topic has been bled dry BUT i'm opening it back up anyway! I propose that Rand has become so strongly Ta'veren that he can simply will the threads of the Pattern to flow in a way he pleases. I believe he as gained this power by being offered infinite power but rejecting it (When he destroyed the Choeden Khal) being offered the oblivion of nonexistence (Suicide) but choosing life, and by deciding to progress and try again. Then, once the Creator saw that he would never abuse infinite power, he just got it anyway. A little job perk for saving the WHOLE STORMING PATTERN.

Anyway, does anyone have any thoughts about this topic? Why do YOU think it happened? Do you think Rand can just control the Pattern now? Let's discuss!

Delightfully perplexed, the Ultimate Archivist.

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