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Crafty Games at Gen Con 2012: Come Play with Brandon Sanderson

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The Gen Con 2012 event catalog has been released and we're just two weeks from registration going live, so it's time to consider how you'll be spending the Best Four Days in Gaming! (To view the listings, you will need to log into your Gen Con account and click the "Find Events" link in the left naivgation panel. From there, you can browse events by type, day, grouup, and more. If you'd prefer a spreadsheet version, you can download it here.)

Crafty Games has events running all weekend for Fantasy Craft and the Mistborn Adventure Game, but the big news is our special celebrity session with Mistborn creator Brandon Sanderson. That's right, six lucky winners will have the chance to play a full five-hour session of the Mistborn Adventure Game with the novel author himself!

Cover-Mistborn_Adventure_Game.jpg       Brandon_Sanderson_Bio_Pic2.jpg

This event happens Sunday from 11am to 4pm and seats will be raffled off throughout the weekend at the Crafty Games booth in the dealer's hall (like last year, we're in the Studio 2 block this time around - watch our site for the exact booth number as we close on the weekend). Every purchase at the Crafty Games booth will earn you one or more raffle tickets, so be sure to keep us on your shopping lists.

Brandon will also be signing at our booth Saturday from 4:30pm to 6pm, which is a great time to stop by and pick up your very own copy of the Mistborn Adventure Game and get it signed by the man himself.  Brandon is Gen Con's Author Guest of Honor this year and will also be doing special readings and panels all weekend.

Don't forget to watch us on Facebook, Twitter, and the Crafty Games news feed for more details about this amazing weekend.

We look forward to seeing you at the show! Stay Crafty!

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for special behind-the-scenes content, contests, prizes, and more!

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Just an add-on and a bump, I'll be there too! Rare chance to get both of us on books like The Way of Kings, The Mistborn Adventure Game and The Alloy of Law. Collect an Isaac Stewart and you get the whole set!!

(seriously, rare. We've only been all together at once a single time, and I've only signed with Brandon twice! EVER!)

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Crafty Games is locked and loaded for our most incredible Gen Con yet! We've got celebrity signings at our booth, new products, and a chance to game with Scadrial's very own crewmaster, Brandon Sanderson! Follow...


That's right. We'll have three all-new products at the show...

Premium_Set_1-Small.jpg      Ben_McSweeney_Art_Book_Cover-Small.jpg     Elite_Set_1-Small.jpg

  • Mistborn Premium Dice Set ($16.99, limited to 200 sets): Cast in a custom steel color, these beautiful 10-die sets replace each 6 face with a unique Allomantic symbol (Tin, Pewter, Iron, Steel, Copper, Bronze, Zinc, Brass, Gold, and Atium)
  • Mistborn Elite Dice Set ($29.99, limited to 50 sets): All 10 Premium dice plus a handsome dice bag large enough to hold all but the biggest gaming hoard
  • The Crafty Work of Ben McSweeney ($14.99, limited to 100 copies): This beautiful 64-page art book features the work of Mistborn Adventure Game and Fantasy Craft cover and interior illustrator Ben McSweeney, and includes development and behind-the-scenes pieces from many of our books, including the forthcoming Spellbound

As an added benefit, every non-digital purchase at the Crafty Games booth also gets you a special Eleventh Metal Promo Die...



Every non-digital purchase also nets you one or more entries into a drawing for one of five seats at an exclusive celebrity session of the Mistborn Adventure Game, to be held on Sunday, August 19 from 11am to 4pm at the JW Marriott in Room 304. On your crew? Mr. Brandon Sanderson himself! That's right - game with the man behind the world, only at the Best Four Days in Gaming. How does it work? Simple...

  • You get 2 entries for each core print book and Elite Dice Set you buy (that's for each copy of the Mistborn Adventure Game in either hardcover or softcover, the Fantasy Craft Rulebook, and each Mistborn Elite Dice Set)
  • You get 1 entry for each other print book and each Premium Dice Set you buy (that's for each copy of The Crafty Work of Ben McSweeney, the Adventure Companion, Time of High Adventure, and each Mistborn Premium Dice Set)

We'll be drawing and announcing all five winners for the celebrity session at 5:45pm on Saturday, August 18 at our booth in the dealer's hall (that's Booth #419, part of the Studio 2 block). This is right at the end of the big signing with Brandon and Ben McSweeney, whcih brings us to...


Meet the creative minds behind Mistborn and Fantasy Craft at these celebrity signings, both at the Crafty Games Booth (#419, part of the Studio 2 block):

Head_Shot-Brandon_Sanderson-Small.jpg     Head_Shot-Ben_McSweeney-Small.jpg

  • Ben McSweeney (Mistborn Adventure Game, Fantasy Craft): Friday, Noon to 1pm
  • Brandon Sanderson and Ben McSweeney (Mistborn Adventure Game): Saturday, 4:30pm to 6pm



  • Crafty Games Declassified Seminar: Thursday, 3pm to 5pm at the Crowne Plaza, Pennsylvania Station B
  • Ben McSweeney Signing: Friday, 12pm to 1pm at the Crafty Games Booth
  • Brandon Sanderson Signing: Saturday, 4:30pm to 6pm at the Crafty Games Booth
  • Celebrity Session Drawing: Saturday, 5:45pm at the Crafty Games Booth
  • Brandon Sanderson Celebrity Session: Sunday, 11am to 4pm at the J.W. Marriott, Room 304, Table 1

Check the program book for a list of our Fantasy Craft  and Mistborn Adventure Game sessions!


Winners must be present at the Crafty Games booth to claim this prize. If a name is called and that person isn't present, a new name will be drawn. Good luck to all!

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I was able to get the dice, and a Sanderson-autograph for my wife, but the art book was there and somehow not "available"...it was confusing.

That is confusing, as we had the book in stock and within arm's reach all weekend. Do you remember with whom you spoke?

We brought a handful of those home with us and unless they sell out at PacifiCon this weekend we'll be putting them up on our site sometime soon.

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Not available! Well, that was a mistake on someone's part. I'm very sorry that happened.

As mentioned, Crafty has the majority of the remaining stock. Personally, I have four copies left for sale (free sketch!). Send me a PM, or keep an eye out on the Crafty site.

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I'm not sure of the name, it was right after the signing started, though, so it was kind of hectic. I was early-ish in the line. (First...25? Maybe?)

Well, very sorry that happened. It looks like we'll be putting a smallish quantity up for sale through our site, though I'm not sure exactly when yet. Sometime in the next month or two, most likely. Keep an eye on the site and feeds for details.

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