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Atium Expands the Cognitive Aspect?


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I was reading about pure Atium's effects when I caught this on the Allomancy table; "Pure Atium grants the Allomancer an expansive vision of the future and enhances the mind's ability to accept, process, and hold information."

This got me wondering, does pure Atium permanently expand the user's Cognitive Aspect a little to hold and use the information it gave, a little like Lerasium expands and adds Connection to the Spiritweb to use its power (or perhaps Atium's mind boost could be like a Sliver's)?

I know there's no real way of checking right now, I just thought it an interesting thought.

Edit: further building on this idea (instead of just going to bed and letting my overtaxed brain rest), could you learn about a specific skill set via Atium and gain a strong permanent edge to it? Maybe not a direct "skill" but get experience without experiencing something? Like, if you get a vision of swordplay, and you see lots of mistakes others make, could you essentially cheat and have this "experience" to instinctively not make such a mistake yourself?

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As far as we know, pure atium doesn’t permanently expand the user’s Cognitive aspect. As far as we know, pure atium is similar to Elend’s atium+duralumin, which presumably expanded his mind to process all the future possibilities that resided within his vision. Even though that combo Connected him to everyone and everything and allowed him to see into the Cognitive Realm, much like how a Shard sees into the future, it was only a temporary boost in Connection and cognition.

I assume pure atium works the same way. It expands the mind and Connection, but only for a short time. 

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