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Hi everyone!

I'm a relatively new fan. About a year ago, a coworker of my husband's introduced him to Sanderson by lending him Way of Kings. Now he's finished about 99% of the Cosmere and got me started with Mistborn. I recently finished the Mistborn original trilogy and LOVED it! These were seriously some of the best books I've read in my life, and I've been a total bookworm since I was old enough to read. I've followed up with Secret History, and I plan to get started on the Wax and Wayne books after a short break to read some other books. Needless to say, I'm excited to be here and share my newfound passion with other fans.

I also enjoy costuming as a hobby. I'm a member of the 501st Legion Star Wars costuming club (so I had the terrible habit of obsessing way too much over accuracy with every costume I make!), and I have other various sci-fi & fantasy costumes I've made or purchased. My next project is going to be a Vin costume! I've already purchased some of the materials, and I've been doing a ton of research and review of official art. Once I get started with the actual build, I'll start a thread with photos and progress updates. I'm super excited for this one! 

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Thank you all for the warm welcome!

On 3/30/2024 at 7:59 PM, Aeternum said:

Who's your favorite character?

Wow, even with having only read three novels, it's impossible for me to narrow it down to one! So here are my top 3:

  • Vin - She has so much amazing growth and character development in the first book alone! Plus, I always love well-written strong female characters.
  • Kelsier - He's a super fun character to read and is often times doing or saying something that makes me laugh.
  • Sazed - He seems like someone who would be such a great friend - so caring, attentive, and kind. When he's feeling down, I want to be able to jump into the book and give him a hug.
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