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All the Fictional Curses in the Cosmere

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So I'm not super involved with the coppermind or anything, but I thought it would be fun to put all of our brains together and remember/find all of the fictional curses used in the cosmere, then put it on the coppermind. I'll start with some off the top of my head. This isn't a super extensive list, just stuff I remember.

Roshar: Storms, Stormfather, Kaleck (not sure if I'm spelling that right)

Scadrial: Rust, Rusts, Ruin, Rust and Ruin, Harmony, Preservation, Harmony's [insert body part], Preservation's [insert body part]



Note: my favorite one from is from Scadral, it's "Preservation's forearms." It just seems so random!


Taladin: Ashia

Nathalis: Kalad's Phantoms

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random theory/fannon: the "God Beyond" is Brandon himself, who, from the perspective of the in-universe characters, would not be unlike our Heavenly Father, an all-seeing, omnipotent, but kind, entity with little to non-existent comprehension from its creations, with control over everything, including other (false) idols made by his creations. 

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