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Investiture Vs. Entropy



So, I know that energy goes through entropy, making all energy the same or basically spread out, and a similar process sort of happens to matter, but once all potential energy is lost that will cease. I think. So, does investiture operate similarly? Will all investiture spread out? or is this not even a good understanding of what investiture is?

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Investiture follows the laws of entropy, with some exceptions:



So my question is this: So, Investiture is a different [type?] of existence separate from matter and energy, right?

Brandon Sanderson



So, does entropy apply to Investiture?

Brandon Sanderson

Yes... It does, with some caveats, but yes. It works a little differently, but it does apply. You should be able to apply all three laws of thermodynamics with... accounting for a third state of matter, energy.

Tel Aviv Signing (Oct. 18, 2019)


You once said that Investiture follows its own version of the laws of thermodynamics. The first one is that Investiture is neither created nor destroyed.

Is the second law of Investodynamics that the amount of corrupted Investiture in the Cosmere cannot decrease?

Brandon Sanderson

Basically, the idea is that there is a third item in the equations--matter, energy, and investiture. That's the basis of how they work.

Entropy is not corrupted Investiture. The second law stands as is. However, there is a fourth law that relates to Adonalsium, which I'm not going to talk about at the moment.

/r/books AMA 2015 (July 14, 2015)


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So, matter and energy are just forms of the same thing. It logically continues that investiture is too. So, we can conclude that yes, it probably will.

We probably will not see the cosmere heat death though, unless Brandon feels like writing some dystopian.

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