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I've been reading Alcatraz for the past several days and I came across this. I thought it was pretty funny. I read past it then went back 'cause the name sounded familiar. Alcatraz is saying the bad things his mom has done.

I hadn't forgotten how she'd given Himalaya up to be executed, nor how she'd sold me--her own son--to Blackburn, the one-eyed Dark Oculator. Or how she killed Asmodean. (Okay, she didn't really do that last one, but I wouldn't put it past her.)

I don't exactly know where it was, since I just barely searched for the quote on the internet, and the person who put it in dragonmount forums didn't say where.

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I actually caught that one on the first read-through. It's a special kind of fanservice. If I had any inclination to be active at Theoryland, I would make it a faction right next to the Apathy about Asmodean faction.

Edited to say: Yes, I know it's been revealed in the books. No, I don't want to discuss Asmodean seriously here. Many of you probably don't want to either; this warning is strictly pre-emptive.

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