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JordanCon 2012


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Hello Fellow Sharders!!! I was just wondering who all is planning on going to JordanCon 2012 next month? Maybe we can have a meet up of sorts? Let me know what you think. :D

P.S. I'm sad Brandon can't go, but looking at the schedule, it looks like a lot of fun! They even have their first (and possibly only) Spear Fighting Tournament!! :P

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I have not been able to make it to one yet, but I would like to go some day so I could meet the famous Peter Ahlstrom.

Alot of the sessions have ended up on youtube the last few years. The best one was an interview with Team Jordan. Some of the stories they told about Robert Jordan were very funny. My favorite was the one where his assistant brought in her son's rabbit to work because she had to take it to show and tell. RJ said it had been a while since he had rabbit stew and his assistant said she could make sure he never found anything related to Wheel of Time ever again.

Another good one was about a time when RJ, his brother, and his nephew went fishing. His young nephew was pestering him constantly about the books and tell him what he didn't like. Supposedly RJ was getting so angry he was about to blow before his uncle settled him down.

The worst one is the one with the Production company developing WoT into a movie. They were obtuse and talked around every question. I couldn't figure out the point to the session. They said nothing.

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