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What radiant would vin or eland be?



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1 hour ago, Yazthelightweaver said:

I have always wanted to know what radiant vin or Elend would be, Vin would probaly be a Windrunner, but she’s killed innocent people(cett) she could also be a dustbringer. Elend could be a elsecaller as he is focused on being a better version of himself.

Not exactly an answer to your question, but this is what Brandon has said on that topic:



Have you ever thought (just for fun) which KR Order your characters for other books would fit the best? Like, Sazed is Bondsmith, Kelsier is probably Skybreaker.

Which Rosharian Shard, Honor, Cultivation or Odium, better fits with Dalinar's personality?

Brandon Sanderson

I'd agree with the other commenter that Kelsier isn't much of a Skybreaker. But picking orders would depend on what point in the person's life we're talking, and the situation. It's not a hard-fast rule.

For example, young Dalinar is very Odium. Modern Dalinar is very Honor.


What about Magic: The Gathering color alignments?

Like, would Kelsier be Red/White or Red/Black?

Brandon Sanderson

Kelsier is blue/black. Vin is Red/green. Sazed is white/green--with arguments for mono-white. Elend is red white. The LR is white/black.


This actually surprises me a lot. I would have expected Sazed to be Bant-colored, and Elend seems much bluer than he does red.

Brandon Sanderson

Actually, I don't know why I said red/white for Elend. Must have been answering quickly. You're right, blue/white is a better match for him. Ham is red/white.

Skyward Pre-Release AMA (Oct. 4, 2018)

If, however, you wanted to discuss the topic, then you should probably post in Cosmere Discussion (don't forget the [Discuss] tag) rather than Q&A which is meant for answering questions that may have a definitive answer. 

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