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Lift and the emotional impact of Stormlight


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Let's look at what we know

  • Edgedancer: Lift feels an urge to move and act when becoming awesome
  • Rhythm of War: Lift uses Lifelight

You see the issue? Why does Lift feel the effect of Stormlight while she is using Lifelight?

Voidlight has a different emotional effect. So this is not explainable by her oaths.
My proposal: We are seeing the effect of Cultivantion's Intent, which Stormlight shares because Honor and Cultivation cooperated for Surgebinding. Why is there no influence from Honor? Simple, he is dead.

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I think that’s a good theory, but it’s probably more just the effect of kinetic investiture. 

We’ve seen that investiture like stormlight and lifelight make it so that you want to move, to fight, to go run for miles. (Sunlit man spoilers)


Elegy is always trying to fight, move, and fight some more. Nomad tells her that this is an effect of the kinetic investiture from her cinderheart. While this feeling of wanting to fight is unusually large, the want to move is consistent with other sources of kinetic investiture

Basically, while intent may vary depending on the source of kinetic investiture, the feeling of wanting to move and do something is consistent across all that we’ve seen. While there are definitely differences in the emotions influenced by lifelight, stormlight, and voidlight, increased energy is not one of them 


Additionally, just because the vessel for honor is dead and the power is splintered doesn’t mean that Honor’s power is not influencing surgebinding.

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