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Katarotam, who is he?


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1 hour ago, Shypzin said:

Do we know who katarotam is? I’m doing a reread through way of kings and can’t remember if he has ever been mentioned again. Any ideas?

47 minutes ago, The Stick77 said:

The Coppermind puts him as one of Kaladin’s previous owners. Not much more too him I don’t have my copy on me but he was likely just mentioned in passing to show Kaladin’s history as a slave or something.


He's only mentioned once, in Ch 4 of WoK:


Under previous masters, he’d demanded his wages be given to him. They had always found ways to cheat him—charging him for his housing, his food. That’s how lighteyes were. Roshone, Amaram, Katarotam…Each lighteyes Kaladin had known, whether as a slave or a free man, had shown himself to be corrupt to the core, for all his outward poise and beauty. They were like rotting corpses clothed in beautiful silk.

Mostly just a name to show how many owners Kaladin had before arriving at the Shattered Plains. Though we don't know under which owner he made his final escape attempt (WOK Ch 43):


He’d done this before. Under his last own er, before being sold to Tvlakv and being made a bridgeman. He’d given up on a quiet night after leading Goshel and the other slaves in rebellion. They’d been slaughtered. But somehow he’d survived. Storm it all, why did he always survive? I can’t do it again, he thought, squeezing his eyes shut.

Though, since we already had Katarotam's name, I feel like if that were the Lighteyes that killed Goshel, it would have been mentioned.

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