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Where do burned metals go?


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Where do burned metals go?  Are they transformed into energy without mass?  Do they break apart when burned but then coalesce and exit the body via the normal exiting process?  Is it possible to deplete a world of it's metals by continuous allomantic activity over a long time-span?  


This reminds me of a planet in the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy where the tourist population is so large that you are weighed upon arrival and before departure so the difference can be surgically removed from you to prevent the planet from disappearing. =)

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When non-god metals are burned Allomantically, what happens to the metals? Are they crushed into tiny specks? Do they disappear?
Brandon Sanderson
The metals become a key conduit through which the power is delivered. So they are actually sort of vaporized, and the atomic code is a key by which the power is drawn in.


There's more, but I have to go find it.


EDIT 1: This isn't what I was looking for... I was sure there was something about the metals coming back into the world somehow... I'll keep looking...



Interview: Sep, 2012zebobes
Since allomancy is powered by burning metal, isn't Scadrial going to eventually start running out of metal?
Brandon Sandersom
It could happen. However, it's not really a danger with the current population of Allomancers. There just aren't enough of them.

Source: http://www.theoryland.com/intvsresults.php?kwt=%27scadrial%27

and http://www.17thshard.com/forum/topic/2383-qa-with-brandon-sanderson/?p=42470


EDIT 2: Can't find it. Assume I am incorrect about the existence of a WoB regarding metals coming back into the world until further notice.

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Here it is:


The Nameless One:

I just got back from the Phoenix Comic on, where Brandon is a guest at, and I must say it was an honor to meet him. He read parts of Wax/Wayne 2, Legion 2, and the Taravangian interlude in WoR. There weren't a lot of cosmeric goodies, but I did get a couple interesting tidbits in relation to Mistborn: Ruin would have had to manifest to reabsorb the atium, the Well of Ascension did not come at a price to Preservation's power, and perhaps the most interesting one. Burned metals are turned into a different form, and will eventually return to the planet. The Pits of Hath sin are meant to foreshadow this.


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