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Fun to think about the Metallic Arts


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Just thinking about the misting-ferring "twinborn" combinations like those in Alloy of Law.. There are a lot of fun possibilities to consider, some of which I'm sure would make for some interesting stories or characters. : )

One of them I thought would be really powerful would be a "double steel" twinborn. Like Miles, who can compound gold and allomantically burn his health-storing metalminds, the double-steel twinborn could burn his speed-storing metalmind and compound that. He'd be like the Flash! Plus, steel (metal pushing) is certainly one of the most mobile, action-oriented, useful allomantic abilities to have.

Another thought I had was of an undercover agent who's a duralumin ferring. When he's normally in the field, he can be filling his metalmind (storing 'connection') so hardly anyone notices or thinks about him. Then, when he needs to, he can tap that and deeply connect with someone he needs to get information from or build trust with.

Any other thoughts out there? Fun to think about! :)

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