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17th Shard - Hello!!


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Hello 17th Shard! I've read the Mistborn trilogy, Emperor's Soul, Legion, Elantris, Alloy of Law, Stormlight works and the WoT series. I've been thinking of starting the Alcatraz books. What should I read next??

P.S. Thanks for setting this group up and for the contributions everyone has made - love it!


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Alcatraz is categorized as  middle grade, which is the age group before YA.  They're humor adventure and pretty hilarious.  He has two YA books, The Rithmatist which has to do with chalk magic, and Steelheart which has to do with a world of supervillians.

Also his novella Legion and his book Steelheart are getting sequels in the coming months if you want to be able to read a sequel right as it comes out.  There's still plenty of time though, you could read other books before those and still be ready for the sequels.  They're both pretty quick reads, Legion you could read in an hour or two, Steelheart you could read in a day or two.  Legion sequel is scheduled for late November, Steelheart for early January.

Alcatraz's fifth and final book is also coming soon.  It's complicated, I think he's already written it, but he's waiting on publishing shenanigans.  Probably sometime next year.

He also has some isolated cosmere novellas -- I'm just guessing, you know about the Cosmere -- but they're in anthologies so you'd have to get the whole thing just for one novella.  There's also infinity blade novellas.

Basically you could just read anything by him since all his books are great.

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