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Theory: Adonalsium is the Shadesmar Sun


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It has long been my tin foil hat theory that the Shadesmar Sun is the body of Adonalsium. This post is my attempt to find evidence that supports this. Please help, or if you can find anything that explicitly contradicts this theory, that would be appreciated.

Support for:

1. In world religions in Cosmere generally are built on foundations of historic events. A few Szeth quotes give us insight into the Shin religion, and it's belief that the "god of gods" is a sun.

WoR - I10 Szeth - He did not look up, he would not meet the gaze of the god of gods, but it was good to be in the sunlight.

WoK - 71 Recorded in Blood - Szeth kept his eyes down, partially to imitate the look of a worker, partially to lower his gaze from the blazing sun above, the god of gods

2. In a similar vein, Adolin's name comes from "Adoda" meaning light, and "lin," meaning born of (Adolin = born of light). Adoda could be derived from Adonalsium, and light derived from a sun.

3. In Dawnshard, the mural seems to generally be accepted as being a depiction of the shattering of Adonalsium, and what does it depict? A sun!

DS - 16 - It depicted a sun being shattered into pieces... She knew it was being ripped apart like a person on some awful torture device


Points currently against the theory:

1. These quotes are all Stormlight, I have yet to spot any in other Cosmere books.

2. (Sort of a repeat of the first point, but) as far as I am aware, the Shadesmar Sun is only visible in the Rosharan cognitive realm.

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1 hour ago, Blackroot said:

It has long been my tin foil hat theory that the Shadesmar Sun is the body of Adonalsium.

A body? What is a body for beings so invested like Shards and Adonalsium? Investiture is their "body", just like Mists or Shardmetal is the "body" of a Shard.

But Adonalsium is gone. Dead and Shattered. All of his investiture got divided into 16 pieces. All of it, as far as we are aware. Shards are his "body". Buuuut it's possible that Adonalsium left a Cognitive Shadow behind. Could this be this sun? I doubt it. This sun is not just in the Rosharan subastral, but also in the Scadrian subastral. Moreover, it disappears the further away you are from the planet, which means each planet has a separate sun.

SH Ch 5-1:


He’d hoped to have the sun back once Ruin vanished from the sky, but after walking far enough out, he seemed to leave his world behind—and the sun with it. The sky here was nothing but empty blackness.




Did Adonalisum leave a Cognitive Shadow? And if so, has Hoid spoken to it?

Brandon Sanderson

RAFO; good question. There's an enormous RAFO.

YouTube Livestream 35 (Sept. 9, 2021)


But we don't know what the sun in CR is, and we don't know almost anything about Adonalsium. There is no hard evidence against this theory.

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